Gardening and landscaping are, no doubt, a pleasurable thing to indulge in. Still, there are several crucial aspects one must keep in mind while working on their garden or landscape. Maintaining the trees in one’s garden is one of the most important factors an experienced gardener always put first. Trees bear a great potential to grow more prominent, and that’s how they turn out to be one of the gigantic features in your garden. Therefore, you must always be careful about taking all the precautionary measures to prevent the trees from hampering the landscape. They should be managed well so that they do not grow up to be the dominating feature in the scene, causing considerable safety hazards for the owner, neighbours, and public.

So, the wise option is to avail professional support from a service provider offering gardening and landscaping in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. Here is a complete overview of the common issues one encounters while maintaining big trees.

Gardening in Hertfordshire

The problems frequently faced by the owner of big trees in their garden.

  • Dominance issue due to the gigantic size.
  • Tree roots causing damage to the foundation of the building.
  • Tree roots causing damage to the drainage system.
  • Blocking aerial signals from satellites.
  • Hampering Roof and gutter structure.
  • Obstructing access.
  • Creating shady areas in an undesirable way.

A professional service provider offering services related to maintenance and overall gardening in Hertfordshire will be the best option to avail. They will make the regular tree maintenance routine easier. Thus, the risks mentioned above will be in a manageable state. Here are the various measures they will resort to ensure complete safety to you.

The issue with excessive shade can be eliminated by reducing the overall size of the tree. This is commonly referred to as the process of ‘Crown Reduction’. They include thinning of the canopy, which is an effective way to get over the shade issue. The process leads to a reduction in the density of the tree as the branches are removed. Thus,  allowing more sunlight through the crown. Apart from that, the root system should also be managed well. Even after taking the precautionary measures the problems persist then the gardening service provider will also help you in removing the entire tree as well.

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