There are numerous people in Hertfordshire who think that rain won’t impact their garden. If you are one of them, it’s time you debunk the myth and get in touch with a professional offering gardening and landscaping services. A majority of them have years of industry presence and know how to prevent your outdoor space from looking wet and muddy after it rains.

Rain is no doubt a blessing for your garden after the hot, sultry summer but you should ensure that it is getting adequate care. The soil starts feeling more alive after it rains. The microbes start working together, aerate and nourish the ground. Professional gardening is necessary if you want the garden to look good throughout the spring.

Few Tips To Maintain Your Garden After It Rains

  • Tackle The Weed

Though there is a higher chance for weeds to start sprouting after it rains, the soil becomes soft so you can start weeding without putting much strain on your hands or back. The best time to tackle weed is when they are seedling if you want to stop them from taking over your garden. Never leave them to spread on a raised bed as they generally grow in thick clumps and makes the spot invasive. Since pulling out the entire root of dandelions can be a bit challenging, pick them while they are small.

  • Turn The Compost Heap

Professionals offering gardening in Hertfordshire generally advice homeowners to turn the compost heap after it rains so that it can easily absorb the excess moisture. You can use a garden fork to fluff the open-air compost heap in the backyard. Make sure that the compost does not become overly wet as it can prevent them from breathing and suppress aerobic bacteria. If you want the compost above the ground to decompose properly, make sure it gets good air circulation.

  • Spread Some Mulch

The importance of mulching can never be ignored, especially after it rains. In fact, mulching is considered to be one of the easiest ways to keep weeds away from your garden. If you don’t know how to spread mulch, get in touch with a professional offering Landscaping in Hertfordshire. They generally advise homeowners to spread a thick layer of organic mulch with a thickness of 2 to 3 inches. Mulch prevents the soil in your garden from eroding and washing away all its nutrients.

Time to hire an experienced gardener and follow the gardening tips stated above after it rains.